Receive an iPad POS Kiosk, Online Store and the education and training you need to start accepting Credit Card payments.

About BridgePay

iPad POS Kiosk + Online Store + Education

iPad POS Kiosk

Built and designed for swift in facility credit card payments. Users can select an item (i.e. After School Care) and checkout in less than 30 seconds.

Online Store

Administrators can upload items to Online Store and iPad POS Kiosk. When payments are made each transaction can go into separate bank accounts if that is a requirement.

Financial Dashboard/Reporting

Financial transactions are tracked electronically to ensure each payment is auditable. Every transaction can be downloaded into a report filtered by category, sub category, etc.


The most important aspect of this solution in our minds is the education you will receive to help reconcile credit card payments to bank statements. We will help reconcile payments with bank statements free of charge for the first month.


Users and Administration will receive an eReceipt when a payment is made. Also, we have an e-document with best practices to ensure transactions meet accounting standards.

Daily Backup and Storage

All transactions are backed up securely and electronically every day. Payment transactions are never deleted and kept archived for immediate reporting needs.